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In a speech lamenting the vicious tone of the attack ads used against him, former Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff on Tuesday told a law school audience that his party did the same thing to Stephen Harper, unfairly tarring him as a dangerously right-wing, American-style political extremist, bent on undoing cherished Canadian values.

“We attempted to deny him standing, and now he has taken his revenge. That is where we are,” Mr. Ignatieff said at York University’s Osgoode Hall. Mr. Harper “seized the centre and moved it 10 degrees to the right and now we have to seize it back.”


In one of his first public events since quitting politics to return to academia, Mr. Ignatieff focused on the notion of standing, which in law means the right to be heard in a given matter, and in politics means one’s acceptance by the electorate as a valid candidate for power…

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