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CRTC UBB – Internet Greed – The Current Affairz


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  ZennReiki wrote @



I’ve had enough of internet greed,
Bell and Rogers won’t get more money out of me,
Usage based billing ain’t for this country,
We won the fight against the CRTC.

Verse 1:

Now Candians, I know, we’re so used to paying more dollars,
We’ve got a thang for the gouge, our government robs us.
That usage based billing almost threatened Netflix,
They had some foolish fantasies of 25 Gigs.
I signed a liiiiiiiittle petition, and my friends did,
Next thing you know it was a couple hundred thousand.
Tony Clement said the feds had to think about it,
They has us all by the balls, putting these limits on us.
We hate Bell, we hate Rogers, we hate CRTC,
We just wanted George Laroque to sell us Teksaavy,
I ain’t that Canuck trying to hollar cause I want more speed,
I’m that Canuck trying to hollar bout that UBB.
Americans are paying less but getting more instead,
We’re the highest paying country on the internet.
Look Rogers and Bell you got beat,
The people won the fight against the CRTC!

Verse 3:

It’s like the federal government is in cahoots,
With B-E, double LL,
What a mess, never the less,
They lobby to stop steaming,
They tried capping believing,
We’d be caught napping,
By explaining in cabinet meetings,
Of excessive net use,
Kill competition hanging with a flix of a noose,
Bandwidth, 25 gig held it over your head,
Instead they want a toonie for every bite you eat,
So I spit it out in hopes they read this mess,
Four hundred thou plus justice is fit for the debt,
So tell judge Hughes two thumbs up,
And blow a kiss to CRTC you sweet butta cups!

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